Social Security Treasury
Dominican Republic

Transparency and accessibility of public information: Implementing Business Intelligence (BI) tools to analyse and visualize open data

Implementation year

The transparency and accessibility of public information held by the Dominican Republic’s Social Security Treasury (Tesorería de la Seguridad Social – TSS) is an important factor. Through the implementation of Business Intelligence (BI) tools to analyse and visualize open data, we have made it possible for citizens that use our services to consult the information in a practical and simple way, wherever they are.

On our web portal, users can find statistical reports, pivot tables and interactive dashboards with quantitative and qualitative information dating from 2003 to the present day. This information is updated monthly. The department responsible for updating this data is cutting-edge, both in terms of technology and understanding the trends of market needs. They are therefore constantly adapting to stakeholder requirements in terms of data on social security in the Dominican Republic.

Information and communication technology