National Social Security Institute

Portal IN: A collective construction that favours the organization, standardization and dissemination of rules, procedures and routines necessary for the effective application of social security law norms

Implementation year

The National Social Security Institute (Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social − INSS) of Brazil has offered a web platform which will facilitate the effective application of social security and welfare regulations, and promote social inclusion.

Including good practice in employee experience design, the platform is designed to be collaborative, interactive, inclusive, intelligent and accessible from any browser connected to the internet. The objective is to reduce errors in the social security administrative process, reorganize the repository of rules and procedures regarding benefits, and increase the motivation and productivity of internal employees.

The platform named Portal IN is regularly accessed by federal public servants (according to interviews with 1,026 affiliated with INSS). However, there are risks associated with the implementation of this proposal, including resistance from users to the platform, excessive reliance on technology and exclusion of people who do not have access to technology or lack digital skills.

To overcome these risks, INSS needs to adopt a digital government strategy, obtain sponsorship from top management, and develop or acquire information technology and communication solutions in order to facilitate the effective implementation of the platform.

Information and communication technology