Social Security Institute of Guatemala

Technology for development: Modifying the regulations and technology enabling the linkage of benefit payment system and the medical leave system

Implementation year

Crises and extreme events may strain the capacity to communicate records of medical leave to subsidiary cash benefit units. The pandemic has demonstrated the need to systematize procedures that have traditionally been carried out manually, which would provide significant benefits by making processes faster and more efficient, avoid the need for users to visit administrative offices, thereby avoiding expenditure, risks and outbreaks, and reduce spending on institutional resources.

In order to bring about this systematization and achieve its objectives, it is necessary for the systems of the Social Security Institute of Guatemala (Instituto Guatemalteco de Seguridad Social – IGSS) to be linked and able to exchange information easily, which can then be used to determine the qualification, calculation and payment of cash benefits.

The Institute is committed to the people of Guatemala and to continuing to provide different services, including in adverse conditions; it was thus necessary to integrate technologies between the Automated Medical Management System (Sistema Automatizado de Gestión Médica – MEDIIGSS) and the Integrated Cash Benefit System (Sistema Integrado de Prestaciones en Dinero – SIPED) to receive the medical leave records that are generated electronically in MEDIIGSS and then qualify the entitlement and calculate the subsidy to be paid.

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