Mexican Social Security Institute

Medical records

Implementation year

The medical record system is a solution that has allowed the Mexican Social Security Institute (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social – IMSS) to move from having isolated information models at the three levels of care to having an integrated automated model. This makes it easier for doctors to access a patient’s medical record during a consultation, regardless of the practice, medical unit, care level or city in which the patient received previous medical care.

Currently, doctors in 1,576 national units can access the medical record of any patient who has had a medical appointment since 2017, via a single access point. We will continue to accumulate data in this system. Doctors can consult patients’ medical reports, laboratory results, previous prescriptions, incapacity leaves granted, as well as referrals and counter-referrals concerning beneficiaries.

The medical records provide reliable information about the patient’s background, previous administered treatments and changes in their state of health. They reduce costs by avoiding having to repeat laboratory tests and medications and optimizes patient care times.

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