National Social Security Institute

Development and operation of a computerized system for vocational rehabilitation using Microsoft Access Database programme

Implementation year

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), called job accommodation, is a programme of the National Social Security Institute (Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social – INSS) of Brazil, which aims the reintegration of workers with disability in compatible activities.

For the success of the VR, it was identified the need for developing the area of hardware and/or software infrastructure specific to VR providing indicators, including data recording and management. All VR activities were normally manually recorded. VR is an interdisciplinary action with multidisciplinary teams. Access to information is fundamentally important to all participants of the VR process, and easy and efficient access to information by the VR team members would greatly facilitate everyone’s work. In this context, a computerized system was designed to collect and access VR information, aiming to facilitate the control of data from the programme’ participants. A VR data storage and analysis programme was developed using the Microsoft Access Database® programme.

The implementation and use of this programme functionalities allowed the operationalization, monitoring and management of the VR data analysis process with the issuance of data reports in Brazil since 2016.

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