National Social Security Institute

Knowledge mapping in social security: Identifying specific knowledge required to enhance capabilities

Implementation year

The National Social Security Institute (Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social − INSS) of Brazil, is annually responsible for millions of analyses of requirements related to social security benefits, assistance and services requested by the Brazilian population. While some of these requirements are automated, human analysis is essential for more complex requirements or when not all information is available in the institutional systems.

The analysis is carried out by a portion of approximately 18,000 public servants. Given the continental dimensions of the country and the great regional differences, as well as frequent changes in Brazilian social security legislation, this complex task requires a significant amount of knowledge to ensure adequate analysis and to avoid rework or even judicial action.

To address this, a knowledge mapping test was conducted at the national level to measure the proficiency of civil servants in 23 skills related to the recognition of rights analysis.

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