Mexican Social Security Institute

Joint IMSS-SNTSS strategy: Equal in rights, we unite for equality

Implementation year

As part of the actions carried out at the Mexican Social Security Institute (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social – IMSS) to promote equality and gender perspectives and prevent discrimination and violence, the “equal in rights, we unite for equality” (Iguales en derechos, nos unimos por la igualdad) strategy was developed jointly with the National Union of Social Security Workers (Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores del Seguro Social – SNTSS). It was announced and launched on 25 November 2021 through an agreement signed by the Director General of the IMSS and the Secretary General of the SNTSS National Executive Committee (Comité Ejecutivo Nacional – CEN).

This strategy is made up of outreach, training and awareness-raising activities, and also looks to establish a network of multiplying agents (Personas Agentes Mutliplicadoras – PAM), of which there were 3,510 in February 2023. In terms of activities, nine forums, five sessions and several monthly mobilizations were carried out, resulting in 68,134 interactions on social media, more than 60,482 views, and 13,117 IMSS employees have taken the training course named after the strategy.

Governance and administration
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