State Employees' Social Security and Social Services Institute

Public service and quality of care: Towards a new ISSSTE Targeted security staff training in medical units

Implementation year

The Medical Directorate of Mexico’s State Employees’ Social Security and Social Services Institute (Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado – ISSSTE) is implementing a training initiative, entitled “Public Service and Quality of Care: Towards a new ISSSTE” (El Servicio Público y la Calidad en la Atención: Por un nuevo ISSSTE), aimed at security personnel in medical units who play a key role in caring for service users.

This training is part of a process to transform the national public health system, with a focus on quality, humanization, and dignified care. Security staff implement these care practices as part of their role to assist and support public safety and quality of care for users who come to the different medical units.

The training provides theoretical and practical tools. It is delivered in a hybrid format over 12 hours, covering topics related to human rights, inclusion and social support policies and peace culture. It also looks at psychological support tools such as assertive communication, emotional management, problem solving, psychological first aid, tools to detect cerebrovascular events in a timely manner, and self-care, as well as principles of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, working under a new motto of commitment for employees, “Towards a new ISSSTE”.

Service quality