State Employees' Social Security and Social Services Institute

“LaLuchy Robotina”, the humanoid robot: Robotic therapist programme for mental health

Implementation year

The Medical Directorate of Mexico’s State Employees’ Social Security and Social Services Institute (Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado – ISSSTE) has recently implemented a robotic therapist mental health programme. The programme is delivered with the help of “LaLuchy Robotina”, the humanoid robot, and provides care to hospitalized patients, their families and health-care staff.

This programme responds to the need to provide contingent care solutions to manage the emotional impact on patients and their families’ during COVID-19 while also avoiding the risk of contagion and ensuring patients are treated with warmth.

The programme involves providing psychological support and neuropsychological rehabilitation to hospitalized patients and keeping them connected to their families to provide emotional support and reduce stress due to isolation. The service also connects the patients to mental health professionals and the multidisciplinary team involved in their treatment.