Salvadoran Social Security Institute
El Salvador

Roll-out of electronic kiosks for confirming medical appointments in outpatient services

Implementation year

In June 2022, the Salvadoran Social Security Institute (Instituto Salvadoreño del Seguro Social – ISSS) in El Salvador put new technological solutions in place to improve its health-care services. Three electronic kiosks for confirming medical appointments were installed in the Consultorio de Especialidades (Specialist Clinic), the first working prototypes of a device that aims to support health centres’ processes.

Using these electronic devices, patients can register their presence at medical appointments, minimizing the time it takes for them to be seen, generating a culture of self-service through practical and functional technological tools, and avoiding long queues in reception areas.

The whole patient consultation process, from arrival through registration, assessment, medical appointment and collection of medication, has been shortened from four hours to between one and two hours. As of February 2023, this service mechanism has been replicated in the Zacamil Polyclinic Hospital and the Oncology Hospital. Given the positive results obtained, there are plans to implement it in the health centres with the highest patient demand.

Information and communication technology