COMPENSAR - Family Allowances Fund

“Well-being on demand”: A comprehensive well-being solution

Implementation year

Well-being is at the heart of Colombia’s COMPENSAR - Family Allowances Fund (COMPENSAR - Caja de Compensación Familiar). This has been a process of evolution, complemented by Amartya Sen’s theory that “you can understand a person’s well-being by analysing the quality of their life, which can be considered as a set of interrelated “functionings”, consisting of states and actions”.

This philosophy translates into well-being experiences that are tailored to each individual. In concrete terms for COMPENSAR, this led them to put in place solutions such as the Well-being on demand (Bienestar a la Carta) platform. This solution harnesses the power of analytics, Big Data and artificial intelligence to offer users experiences that make their life plan and skillset more sustainable.

Well-being on demand brings together organizational, analytical, digital and interaction capacities for individual users, their families and companies. Through this solution, personalized well-being plans are put together, based on a recommendation engine that analyses the behaviour of the users and their preferences to offer a range of services that match their well-being needs.

Workplace health promotion
Human resource management
Information and communication technology
Continuity and resilience
Digital economy