Social Insurance Fund of Costa Rica
Costa Rica

CCSS 2041: Looking to the Future - A strategic prospective document to propose our long-term vision, best-case scenario and guidelines for the future

Implementation year

“CCSS 2041: Looking to the Future” (CCSS 2041: “Una Mirada al Futuro”) is a prospective document put together by the Social Insurance Fund of Costa Rica (Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social – CCSS) to support decision-making and act as a reference for strategic, tactical and operational planning. The document explores potential future scenarios in order to anticipate, adapt to and influence changes in the environment and the needs of the population.

It puts forward a long-term vision until the year 2041 and outlines a best-case scenario (which is made up of four statements for the future, related to health/pensions, technology, sustainability and users). It also gives guidelines for the future, mapped as part of a strategic long-term course of action. This in turn allows us to adapt our capacity to ensure a timely response to new demands (challenges) and changes in the environment, providing adequate and quality services to our users.

This document marks the beginning of a period of long-term planning, with a focus on creating added value for the public. It seeks to guarantee the continuity, adequacy and quality of health and pension services in the future, as part of continuous efforts to improve the health, quality of life, and economic and social protection of the population.

Governance and administration
Service quality
Continuity and resilience