Catholic Workers' Circle of the Uruguay Mutual Fund

Strategies and actions aimed at reducing the frequency and severity of occupational accidents

Implementation year

Following an analysis of the occupational accident statistics for 2012 from the health institution of the Catholic Workers’ Circle of the Uruguay Mutual Fund (Círculo Católico de Obreros del Uruguay Mutualista), a target was set to reduce the frequency and severity of occupational accidents by at least 15 per cent. To this end, we introduced measures through the Occupational Health and Safety Commission (Comisión de Salud y Seguridad Laboral), which is made up of representatives from both trade unions and institutions.

In the first year of implementation, we successfully reached the target to reduce occupational accident severity, and then reached the target for occupational accident frequency in the second year. In 2022, the severity of occupational accidents was down 72 per cent compared to 2012. It is also important to note that needle punctures were the most common form of occupational accident, accounting for 68 per cent of all accidents in 2022 and primarily occurring among nurses.

The good practice described below lays out the various strategies and actions implemented within this framework, including information systematization, personalized accident monitoring, and continuous training.

Occupational accidents and diseases
Workplace health promotion
Prevention of occupational risks
Return to work
Human resource management
Information and communication technology
Service quality