Ecuadorian Social Security Institute

Strengthening and modernizing customer service processes - Service quality

Implementation year

The Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (Instituto Ecuatoriano de Seguridad Social – IESS) is the country’s largest social security institution, with 3,727,522 members. The institution makes use of face-to-face, telephone and digital channels, including Instagram, Facebook, email, telephone, an electronic booking system and Skype.

The Open-source Ticket Request System (OTRS) is a virtual system used for receiving questions, complaints, positive feedback and suggestions (preguntas, quejas, sugerencias y felicitaciones – PQSF). Enquiries are received at national level and allocated unique reference numbers. They are then transferred to the department responsible for dealing with the case in question, which is obliged to respond to the citizen within a set number of days. Face-to-face queries are handled at a national level through a booking system in the customer service centres (Centros de Atención Universal – CAU).

An online booking system allows citizens to schedule an appointment on the institution’s website, choosing the date, time and branch at which they wish to be seen, as well as the purpose of the appointment. Appointments can also be made in person at the information desks in every CAU, thus guaranteeing service.

The implementation and optimization of these tools has led to an improvement in customer service, which is now provided with greater agility, efficiency and warmth.

Service quality