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Digital transformation: Life Certificate WhatsApp Certification - A case of the National Insurance Scheme

Implementation year

Recognizing the fact that the world is a global village, prioritizing our valued pensioners for whom we exist to serve and acknowledging the fact that they reside throughout the world, we aim to level the playing field for all. Coming out of COVID-19, its lockdown and limitation of access to several services the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) of the National Insurance Board (NIB) from Grenada has recognized the fact that this requirement can and will be difficult for people, especially if physical, medical, geographical, and other challenges exist.

With the existence of our reciprocal agreements as well as through migration, a considerable number of our pensioners reside abroad. One of the requirements to continue receiving pension is an annual submission of “Life Certificate” and pensioners who reside in a foreign country must have the certificate attested by a registered notary public.

The introduction of the “WhatsApp video call” feature was implemented to assist most pensioners in certifying they are alive; with a picture-ID and a smart device, persons can
video-call and show that they are alive, eliminating the need to source complete, in some cases notarize a life certificate and submit.

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