Federal Social Insurance Council

Breaking down barriers in administrative processes

Implementation year

Argentina’s Federal Social Insurance Council (Consejo Federal de Previsión Social – COFEPRES) needs to reduce the growing backlog of pending pension and retirement readjustment cases. In 2020, the administrative system was redesigned and a new way of working was implemented. This made the organizational structure more flexible and helped to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to deal with each case.

Every department is involved in the new process in an articulated and synchronous way, from the moment the cases are received until they are closed and resolved. The old system of passing physical case records between departments has been left behind, ensuring timelier responses are given to citizens. This also centralizes the different criteria, enables issues to be detected earlier and reduces delays that come with having to reanalyse each case because of the time that has passed.

The synergy created guarantees the efficiency of the process.

Human resource management
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