Federal Social Insurance Council

Digital Service Demonstration Worksheet

Implementation year

The project looked to implement an ICT system to allow information to be shared electronically between the social security body of Argentina’s Federal Social Insurance Council (Consejo Federal de Previsión Social – COFEPRES), the Retirement and Pension Fund of the Entre Ríos Province (Caja de Jubilaciones y Pensiones de la Provincia de Entre Ríos), and employers via the Digital Service Demonstration Worksheet (Planilla Demostrativa de Servicios – PDSD), as and when requested by the staff of the Retirement and Pension Fund. The PDSD includes the information needed to determine if the Fund (social security body) is able to grant social security benefits for workers that have contributed to the provincial social security system. This removes the need to physically send and receive documentation, a procedure that is more than 30 years old, and replaces it with an entirely digital system. This eliminates the use of paper and implements the use of digital signatures to validate administrative documents.

Governance and administration
Information and communication technology
Service quality
One-stop shops
Error, evasion and fraud