Social Insurance Bank

Integrating the National System of Labour Certification with the National Electronic Health Record system

Implementation year

Uruguay’s Social Insurance Bank (Banco de Previsión Social – BPS) manages the National System of Labour Certification, (Sistema Nacional de Certificación Laboral – SNCL), which centralizes the register of medical leave certificates for active workers for social security purposes.

This good practice looks to continuously improve the quality and traceability of medical processes that justify people taking time off work for health reasons, in compliance with a new legal obligation (Art. 342, Law 19996). Under this law, the only valid proof of illness workers can present are medical certificates included in the National Electronic Health Record (Historia Clínica Electrónica Nacional – HCEN) system.

In 2015, the HCEN was created under Law 19355. This was part of a government initiative to consolidate an electronic medical record system at national level, with the aim of ensuring continuity of care.

Integrating the SNCL and HCEN is a huge digital transformation. It will affect all doctors that work for institutions within the National Integrated Health System (Sistema Nacional Integrado de Salud – SNIS). It establishes a framework of conditions to reinforce good practices, in order to encourage people to go back to work and reduce issues that may lead to unjustified payments.

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