Mexican Social Security Institute

Personalized Contribution Report (Reporte Personalizado de Cotización – RPCI)

Implementation year

For an employee to receive financial benefits from the Mexican Social Security Institute (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social – IMSS), their employer needs to have correctly registered them with the IMSS and they have to be paying contributions based on their actual salary. If this is not the case, their social security rights are affected and if they do not accumulate the required number of weeks of contributions, they may not meet the requirements to receive their pension.

The Personalized Contribution Report (Reporte Personalizado de Cotización – RPCI) is a timely, automatic, free and easy-to-activate alert tool that allows employees to find out about and monitor their IMSS registration status from a mobile device.

The tool allows the worker to see: i) the name of the employer linked to their registration, ii) the days contributed in the previous month, and iii) the salary declared by their employer.

By providing employees with information on their registration status in almost real time, they are better able to protect their own interests and check if their employer is complying with their obligations. This fosters a prevention culture among employees and establishes a mechanism to indirectly check that employers are fulfilling their obligations. In this way, the RPCI minimizes the possibility of employers evading the registration process or under-declaring employee wages.

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