Pension and Retirement Board of the National Teachers' Union
Costa Rica

Healthy Finances Programme - Finances lab

Implementation year

The Healthy Finances Programme of Costa Rica’s Pension and Retirement Board of the National Teachers' Union (Junta de Pensiones y Jubilaciones del Magisterio Nacional – JUPEMA) is an initiative that allows participating members to improve their knowledge on how to comprehensively handle their finances, addressing each of the different dimensions of human behaviour.  This programme offers emotional and financial tools that positively impact members’ quality of life.

The programme has three parts, each with a specific focus. First of all, there is a motivational session to try to introduce the member to the central topic. Secondly, there are four sessions which aim to strengthen the emotional and psychological approach to finances. There is then a final session on the institution's virtual campus where the focus is on how to properly manage financial resources.

Proper management of financial resources allows people to ensure they are in good financial health and is therefore a route to financial freedom.

Workplace health promotion