Pension Fund of Morocco

Let’s understand retirement: Raising awareness of legal and technical concepts and terminology relating to users’ rights and responsibilities

Implementation year

With a view to strengthening its communication with beneficiaries, and as a straightforward way of making them aware of their rights and responsibilities, the Pension Fund of Morocco (Caisse marocaine des retraites – CMR) has produced a series of animated clips entitled “أجي نفهموا التقاعد” in Moroccan Arabic, or “Let’s understand retirement” in English. This initiative is intended to raise awareness of legal and technical concepts relating both to pensions in general and to the rights and responsibilities of CMR beneficiaries (active members, pensioners and dependants) in particular.

The series consists of 12 animated videos broadcast on the CMR’s website (, Facebook page and YouTube channel, as well as on the social networking platform of Morocco’s leading online newspaper (Hespress). The concept was then adapted for use in three different external communication settings:

  • Online: “Let’s understand retirement” weekly focus.
  • Events: “Let’s understand retirement” regional meetings.
  • Radio: “Let's understand retirement” segment included as part of a well-known radio programme on a national station.