South Sudan Pensions Fund
South Sudan

Recovery of social security contributions post state fission

Implementation year

South Sudan Pensions Fund (SSPF) is in the process of receiving the contributions from Khartoum for all the pensioners who worked in Sudan before South Sudan was given autonomy in 2005, and subsequently, became independent in 2011. This is in line with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and South Sudan Pensions Fund Act, 2012.

South Sudan, as sovereign nation, has the Constitution and Pension Fund Act, 2012 mandate to follow up and ensure the contributions for the civil servants who worked in Sudan before independence was transferred to South Sudan.

The Khartoum Government have agreed to act as this is part of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement Protocol. The high-level delegation came to South Sudan on 17 December 2022 for a five-day mission to discuss the implementation matrix with all the stakeholders of the pensions scheme. SSPF facilitated and coordinated this meeting.

There was a breakthrough in so many aspects on how to operationalise the joint technical committee to commence their job.

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