National Institute of Health Insurance

Facilitating the roll-out of universal health insurance in Togo: Automation of the health care provider affiliation process

Implementation year

As part of the roll-out of health coverage to the entire Togolese population – an estimated 10 million people – Togo’s National Institute of Health Insurance (Institut nationale d’assurance maladie – INAM) set out to provide rapid access to health care facilities to insured persons across the country.

One of the prerequisites for this initiative was the involvement of the large majority of health care facilities (hospitals, health centres, pharmacies, imaging centres, etc.) through well-structured affiliation processes that complied with existing policies and procedures. In order to make the affiliation process faster than ever, INAM set up the “e-Conventionnement” (e‑Affiliation) web platform, which allows providers to submit their applications online. The departments in charge of this process then retrieve them and process them in an automated fashion.

The e-Conventionnement platform enables:

  • Enhanced service quality by facilitating the process for health care providers.
  • Cost savings by minimizing the trips made by health care providers to their nearest INAM office.
  • Shorter application processing times.
Information and communication technology
Extension of coverage
Service quality
Automated processing