National Social Security Authority

Establishment of Internet kiosks: Ease of access to National Social Security Authority services

Implementation year

The National Social Security Authority (NSSA, hereafter the Authority) of Zimbabwe has launched internet kiosks at each of the regional offices spread across the country. The members and employers who do not have access to internet and gadgets that facilitate access to internet, can visit the offices and have access to the NSSA self-service portal.

The development is done to ensure that every member checks their NSSA member accounts and alert the institution if there are any corrections to be done. There are some protected fields that cannot be corrected by the member, such as names, national identity numbers and employment periods. Small employers who do not have information and communication technology (ICT) gadgets or internet access, can visit the offices, and upload their employment returns.

To make the services more accessible, the Authority has made an effort to take the mobile internet kiosks to the communities, where some very busy rural centres have been identified and once every month, computers are taken to those centres. Users do not have to pay anything to access the NSSA portal.

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