Motor Vehicle Accident Fund

Development of the case management strategy: Improving service delivery

Implementation year

The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVAF, hereafter the Fund) of Botswana was established in 1986 and its mandate is to promote road safety, compensate, rehabilitate, and support those affected by road crashes in Botswana. In 2018, the Fund embarked on a project to develop the case management strategy to support the main five-year corporate strategy. The case management strategy’s main objective was to improve and intensify case management by supporting rehabilitation of claimants and managing all benefits offered by the Fund to ensure excellent service provision and financial sustainability.

The strategy summarized the case management value proposition as: “For the Fund to maintain financial sustainability and ensure excellent service provision to its customers and stakeholders, its effective case management must improve claimant’s rehabilitation by timely compensation and support, to ensure that livelihoods are restored near to pre-accident status”. To achieve this, there is need for collaboration with the relevant stakeholders, ensuring effective controls, within the Fund’s fiscal responsibilities, to ensure positive rehabilitation outcomes. This became the base and priority of the MVA Fund case management strategy.

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