State Employees Pensions and Family Benefits Fund

Satisfaction index for complaint handling

Implementation year

The strategic approach taken by Gabon’s State Employees Pensions and Family Benefits Fund (Caisse des pensions et des prestations familiales des agents de l’État – CPPFAE) to improve member satisfaction involves carrying out a monthly satisfaction survey.

As part of this satisfaction survey, members who have made a complaint in month N are asked to take part in a questionnaire over the phone in the second week of month N+1, to collect their views on the services offered by the CPPFAE. These complaints concern the CPPFAE’s two working sections.

  • Pensions, notably pension payments being suspended and calculations of pension amounts.
  • Family and social allocations, family and maternity allowances not being paid long after the application is made.

Furthermore, these complaints are classified into two categories: category one complaints are dealt with within 24 hours, in person with the member; and category two complaints are dealt with within a maximum of 15 days, as they need department managers and sometimes general management to be involved.