National Social Security Fund for Non-Salaried Workers

Implementing a decision support system

Implementation year

In order to sustain a sufficient and independent social security programme, the National Social Security Fund for the Non-Salaried Workers (Caisse nationale de sécurité sociale des non-salariés – CASNOS, hereafter the Fund) from Algeria has always been faced with the everlasting challenge of maintaining a positive balance, in the present and the future, between its expenses and its main income from contribution collection. This can be a complicated task without using the right tools to gain access to valuable insights related to the main activities of the Fund, such as social insurance, retirement, medical inspection, disability and contribution collection.

In a new era of digital transformation, it was mandatory to introduce a new decision support system, which is essentially a business intelligence system, capable of offering a solid vision of the social security programme to the top management, in order to simplify the process of decision-making and take actions in the right time.

All the correct and reliable data from the different information and technology (IT) systems related to the Fund’s activities are gathered daily in a single data warehouse, and then translated into a variety of insightful dashboards containing different visual representations and key metrics.

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