National Social Security Fund for Non-Salaried Workers

CASNOS portal for the management of inspectors’ activities: Call centre and inspection service

Implementation year

With a view to increasing social security coverage among non-salaried workers and ensuring contributor loyalty, Algeria’s National Social Security Fund for Non-Salaried Workers (Caisse nationale de la sécurité sociale des non-salariés – CASNOS) launched a portal centred on a workflow of human interaction, digital processes and technology.

  • No need for inspectors to make unnecessary trips to obtain information on members’ status.
  • Real-time access to information (administrative and accounting).
  • Targeted checks.
  • Automatic generation of minutes and inspection reports.
    • Automatic affiliation.
    • Adjustment of contribution bases.
    • Support for electronic document management (EDM).
    • Real-time monitoring of inspectors’ work.
  • Statistical reports.
  • Harmonization of procedures.
  • Cooperation between the inspection service and other services.
  • Access to other departments’ files.

Aims of the portal:

  • To reach as many non-salaried workers as quickly as possible.
  • To help inspectors achieve their mission.
Governance and administration
Information and communication technology
Extension of coverage
Contribution collection and compliance
Service quality
Continuity and resilience