National Health Insurance Fund
Tanzania, United Republic of

Enforcement of mandatory enrolment to National Health Insurance Fund for students in higher learning institutions

Implementation year

The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF, hereafter the Fund) of the United Republic of Tanzania has a goal of extending membership coverage to large part of the population. Most of the members covered are those from formal sector of the economy, specifically public servants.

To extend membership coverage, the Fund established several health insurance products.
One of the products being health insurance cover for students from nursery school to university. Despite concerted efforts made to extend coverage to students, enrolment on part of students remained relatively low. Following this, the Fund came up with the proposition to the Government, which advised enforcement of mandatory enrolment of all students in middle and higher learning institutions. In cognizance of the proposition, the Government, through the United Republic of Tanzania Prime Minister, ordered that health insurance cover being one of the criteria before a student is admitted into any middle or higher learning institutions.

Implementation of the order by the institutions started in the year 2020–21, whereby enrolment of students increased from 171,160 in 2018–19 to 283,170 in 2020–21. As of 30 June 2021, enrolment of students’ membership category has increased to 368,351.

Extension of coverage