Local Authorities Pension Trust

Improving service delivery to members by leveraging biometric services to minimize error, evasion and fraud

Implementation year

One of the major requisite for the pensioners post their retirement from the Local Authorities Pension Trust (LAPTRUST) of Kenya has been to provide life certificates. In the past, one had to present themself physically before the schemes’ agent or have the life certificate issued by a competent authority.

Given the manual nature of this process, there have been challenges in its administration. These challenges include the withholding of pension for members who had not submitted life certificates, risk of fraud in the payment of benefits, inconvenience to the members (who had to avail themselves for the issuance of the life certificate), as well as strain on members of staff, given the high number of pensioners requiring life certificates.

To enhance service delivery, LAPTRUST has implemented a biometric registration and verification system for all our pensioners. Upon retirement, a pensioner’s biometric details are captured. These include distinguishing biological traits, such as fingerprints, hand geometry, as well as retina and iris patterns. This biometric system aims to streamline the process of getting a life certificate, and making it hassle free and easier for the pensioners.

Information and communication technology