Savings-Pensions Branch of the Deposit and Management Fund

Implementation of a new proof-of-life system based on data exchange to simplify administrative procedures

Implementation year

As part of the measures adopted to help limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and in order to avoid any risk of resource disruption for beneficiaries, Morocco’s CDG Prévoyance, which is responsible for managing the National Pension and Insurance Fund (Caisse nationale de retraites et d’assurances – CNRA) and the Collective Pension Scheme (Régime collectif d’allocation de retraite – RCAR), set up a new system to simplify entitlement checks through the exchange of data with institutional partners and on digital platforms.

As such, beneficiaries who are confirmed to be living through said data exchanges are subsequently exempted from CDG Prévoyance administrative procedures. Meanwhile, those whose existence remains unconfirmed are verified through a range of CDG Prévoyance services and dedicated digital tools, in addition to personalized letters sent to their home addresses.

Thanks to the success of this innovation and its positive impact on citizens, it has now been established as a permanent means of verifying entitlements that will continue to be used post‑COVID.


This good practice was submitted by the CDG Prévoyance that is now part of Savings-Pensions Branch of the Deposit and Management Fund (Branche Epargne-Prévoyance de la Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion – BEP CDG).

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