National Social Security Fund
Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Partnerships between the CNSS and town halls’ civil registration departments in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Cleaning up the file of social service providers and verifying the authenticity of required documents

Implementation year

The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s general social security scheme is managed by the National Social Security Fund (Caisse nationale de sécurité sociale – CNSS), a public institution of a technical and social nature.

In 2018, the country’s general social security scheme was significantly reformed following the entry into force of Law No. 16/009 of 15 July 2016, which sets out the rules relating to the general social security scheme and its implementing measures.

Given the difficulty of correctly managing information pertaining to social security beneficiaries, in particular those files relating to birth and death declarations and the fraud that can result from these, some structural and organic adjustments were required within the CNSS in order to ensure the benefits system remained effective.

In this context, the CNSS came up with the idea of forging partnerships with town halls around the country in order to gain access to the above-mentioned information and to improve the quality of services offered to social security beneficiaries.

Governance and administration
Service quality
Error, evasion and fraud