Social Security Fund

An Enterprise Resource Planning approach as a comprehensive solution to manage a training centre

Implementation year

In early 2012, the Libyan Centre for Consultancies and Human Development (LCCHD, hereafter the Centre) was assigned to carry out the task of conducting the annual Training Needs Assessment (TNA) and delivering quality training for all Social Security Fund (SSF) employees across Libya. Numerous administrative, technical, technological and logistical problems and obstacles have emerged, which made it vital to adopt to unprecedented dynamism and flexibility, with the continued support of the Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the Board to manage such a change within an institution of this scale.

This required the acceleration of exceptional, innovative and unconventional measures to overcome these obstacles, including the following:

  • Deficiencies in the organizational structure.
  • The lack of clarity between the Centre and the training units.
  • The difficulty to expand the Centre’s business.
  • Training plans disruption due to logistics reasons.
  • A limited number of integrated training programme packages.
  • The absence of an integrated Learning Management System (LMS).
  • The absence of monitoring techniques and technologies.
  • The absence of mechanisms and technologies to bring about digital transformation in the training process.
Human resource management
Service quality