Workers Compensation Fund
Tanzania, United Republic of

Living the vision: Digital transformation of Workers Compensation Fund Service Provision

Implementation year

Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) of the United Republic of Tanzania was established in July 2015 to provide reliable and efficient workers compensation services that mitigate
socio-economic impact of occupational injuries. As a new social security institution, it operated under manual systems, which triggered delays in employers’ registration, contribution receipting, file retrieval, claims notification and claims payment.

WCF began to automate its processes to:

  • Enhance employers’ compliance level through online self-service in registration and contribution remittance which reduce employers’ compliance cost.
  • Assist beneficiaries to obtain compensation on time by making incident notification process and interaction between WCF and customers ease as well as friendly.
  • Ensure timely decisions making by reducing file retrieval time.

By June 2022, employers, while sitting in their offices, can register, assess contribution liability, pay contributions, manage employees’ information, report occupational incidents, and track the submitted claims; hence, processing time was significantly reduced. As a result, stakeholders’ satisfaction was increased, and employers’ voluntary compliance enhanced. The transformation from manual to online/digital services provider has made WCF a learning hub for public entities both within and outside the United Republic of Tanzania.

Information and communication technology
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