National Institute of Social Security

Modernization and automation of remuneration declaration, management of contributions, debt settlement and social security payments

Implementation year

Between 2015 and 2022, various legislative, operational, and technological measures were developed and implemented to ensure the long-term sustainability of social security, with emphasis on the modernization and automation of declarations of remuneration, contributions management, payments, and regularization of the debt.

The challenges were enormous. Thus, a strategy was established for the progressive and integrated implementation of several measures:

  • 1st Phase: 2015–2022
    • Create and consolidate the contribution management and debt settlement.
    • Manage and control electronically the remuneration statement and the contributions from the private sector.
    • Automate payments to the social security.
    • Calculate the private sector debt electronically and implement the Extraordinary Debt Settlement (EDS).
  • 2nd Phase: 2023–2027
    • Extend these measures to the public sector, reinforce debt collection and settlement, namely coercive debt.

The 1st phase of the strategy was successfully completed. The establishment of a contributory career path for policyholders in the private sector was ensured and the provision of various electronic services to taxpayers, allowing them to swiftly fulfil their obligation to declare contributions.

Information and communication technology
Contribution collection and compliance