Social Security Fund

Training strategy and investment in human resources of the Libyan Social Security Fund

Implementation year

Training is a key element for any organization striving to prepare cadres capable of meeting business needs and keeping abreast of the rapid developments and changes in the field of work. It is also considered one of the various means of investment that benefits the Social Security Fund (SSF, hereafter the Fund) of Libya.

The SSF sought to train its human resources and raise their efficiency on the theoretical and practical levels to achieve its goals represented in increasing productivity and improving services. However, training within the Fund was facing many problems due to its high cost and the complete reliance on private training centres. Let alone the lack of courses concerning social security affairs in those centres.

Therefore, this participation illustrates the efforts made by the Libyan Social Security Fund to confront these problems in developing human resources, and how this contributed to strengthening the financial resources of the institution through the establishment of a whole centre, affiliated with the Fund, concerned with training and providing consultations.

Human resource management
Service quality