Social Security Fund

Employment and utilization

Implementation year

Due to the transformation of thousands of contributors to beneficiaries who receive cash benefits and pensions, unemployment among recent graduates from universities, and the large geographical area of Libya, it has therefore become essential for the Social Security Fund (SSF, hereafter the Fund) to establish new service facilities in order to provide services, deploy and utilize the youth, reduce the gap between contributors and insured persons, as well as motivate all sectors to produce decent jobs for young people.

Consequently, by hiring employees of different specializations, and designing a special training programme for them and for those who occupy various administrative positions, the following has been achieved:

  • Increasing revenues through horizontal expansion and establishing new branches and service offices in many regions.
  • Accommodating the youth, which is considered the most important and largest group in society.
  • Focusing on human resources and investing in them achieves financial sustainability.
Human resource management
Extension of coverage
Social policies & programmes