National Social Security Fund

Automating member benefits claim process

Implementation year

During COVID-19, many members’ livelihood of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF or hereafter the Fund) of Uganda was disrupted, and Government expedite the amendment of the NSSF Act to allow the savers access 20 per cent of their saving if they reach 45 years and have saved for over ten years. This new benefit was termed Mid-Term Access.

To receive this benefit 112,000 members were eligible for the calendar year 2022
(January–December). This was going to be an uphill task given that the Fund previously paid approximately 20,000 members annually.

Given COVID-19 and the likelihood of large numbers (including those not eligible) making a physical visit to the Fund within two months, it was necessary to implement a digitized process that could enable eligible members access this benefit seamlessly.

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Information and communication technology
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