National Social Security Fund

The NSSF Smart Card

Implementation year

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF, hereafter the Fund) is a national provident fund for workers who are not covered by the public service pension scheme in Uganda. Members holding physical card has long been evidence of membership to the Fund. This has been a critical part of the customer journey and experience. The NSSF membership card had taken different forms over the years evolving from handwritten cards to laminated papers to plastic cards up to now when NSSF is offering a smart card.

However, the pilot Smart Card printing programme was characterized by high costs, distribution challenges, and the lingering question of what else the card could do apart from merely identifying a member. In response to these challenges, NSSF relaunched the “Three-in-one
NSSF Smart Card”. The tripartite co-branded card partnership with a local bank, Visa International Inc. and NSSF gave it bank functionality, making a social security card also a bank card accepted worldwide through the visa platform.

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