National Social Security Fund of Public State Employees
Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Enactment of Law No. 22/031 of 15 July 2022: A special scheme for the extension of social security coverage to all public State employees

Implementation year

Social security is such a fundamental human right that it is absolutely vital for any responsible government to put in place mechanisms to ensure it for all.

The State can proceed by sector of activity. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, there was one category of public-sector employees – career civil servants – who benefitted from a good social protection system as part of a contributory scheme. Other types of public-sector employees, such as the military, police, teachers and magistrates, were not covered.

In light of Guideline 2. Securing the required authority for coverage extension of the ISSA Guidelines on Administrative Solutions for Coverage Extension, Law No. 22/031, which came into force in July 2022, extends statutory social security coverage to all previously excluded public-sector employees.

In accordance with the International Labour Organization’s Social Security (Minimum Standards) Convention, 1952 (No. 102), this law vertically extends social security benefits for insured persons. Included are: (i) the pensions branch, incorporating old-age, disability and survivors’ benefits; (ii) the occupational risks branch, incorporating benefits for work accidents and occupational diseases; and (iii) the family benefits branch.

Extension of coverage