EsSalud - Social Health Insurance Institute

Transforming the delivery of services for hypertensive and diabetic patients in the Rebagliati Centre of Comprehensive Care and Services Network - Timely, efficient and humanized care

Implementation year

On 16 March 2020, a state of emergency was declared in Peru due to COVID-19 which also impacted the services for patients with chronic diseases, including diabetic and hypertensive patients.

Since then, EsSalud - Social Health Insurance Institute (EsSalud - Seguro Social de Salud) has been using a smart prevention strategy to improve the response capacity of the health system. The objectives of this strategy are to provide timely, efficient and humanized care, implementing innovative solutions in crisis management and overhauling the service offered to hypertensive and diabetic patients. This has included synchronously triangulating key actors, resulting in the real-time reorganization of the Process Flow and support communication via Bluetooth, as well as making it possible to manage individual appointments by mobile phone. Diabetic and hypertensive patients are comprehensively assessed within 48 hours, with a satisfaction rate of 91 per cent and a hospitalization saving of 23,455,950 Peruvian soles (PEN) per seven hospital days.

Information and communication technology
Service quality