State Social Insurance Fund Board of the Republic of Lithuania under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour

No more lack in IT competencies: Superusers

Implementation year

Responding to rapid changes in the socio-economic environment, the legal framework for social security is constantly changing. This raises the need for quick and high-quality amendments to the software that provides services to insurers and insured. Three types of knowledge are required to ensure the quality of software: Business and legal knowledge, information technology (IT) knowledge and practical experience in working with the information system. It is desirable that all these competencies in the right proportions are possessed by every employee involved in software modification.

The shortage of IT professionals has become an increasing problem over the past decade and is expected to persist for at least a few more years. It is becoming more and more difficult and expensive to hire professionals in the market, which is why the State Social Insurance Fund Board (Sodra) chose a skill-up strategy rarely used to raise IT competencies by public sector and even by private organizations. Required number of the best core business specialists were selected and provided with the missing IT knowledge.

Although the abbreviation “IT” is often mentioned in this Good Practice entry, the project is a competency management (not IT) project.

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