Social Insurance Institution

Increasing efficiency and improving the quality of external customer service by identifying and developing competencies of ZUS employees

Implementation year

The condition for efficient performance of tasks, especially important from the point of view of a public trust institution like the Social Insurance Institution (Zaklad Ubezpieczen Spolecznych − ZUS), is constant development of knowledge and skills of each employee and continuous improvement of professional qualifications. Supporting the employee development process by the Employer is also a sine qua non condition.

Many solutions have been introduced in ZUS to increase the efficiency and improve the quality of external customer service by identifying and developing the competences of its employees. The most important of them include a Competency Model, Periodic Employee Evaluation System, Moodle learning platform and online training with active participation of trainers and participants.

A uniform and transparent approach to employee competencies is the starting point for further activities in the field of correct and efficient staff development in the organisation.

Based on the Competency Model, periodic evaluations of employee competencies are carried out, in which we identify the potential of employees and their training needs.

The training needs are then met inter alia by means of available trainings on the Moodle learning platform and on-line training with the active participation of trainers and participants carried out by means of available IT infrastructure.

Currently, such trainings are treated by employees as equal to stationary trainings. Employees value them for their high substantive value and the possibility to participate regardless of where they are.

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