General Organization for Social Insurance
Saudi Arabia
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Agile transformation programme: From project-centric to product-centric

Implementation year

The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) of Saudi Arabia is always seeking to enhance its capacity in information technology (IT). It wants to optimize product development cycle in order to deliver the optimum business-value. Therefore, GOSI is starting an initiative called “Agile transformation programme” which is a key milestone to transform our operating model from “project-centric” to “product-centric” delivery model. This means that it will bring in cross-functional teams covering all the disciplines and resources needed for end-to-end delivery.

Our operating model will be changed along with some processes in order to adopt the product-centric delivery model. Coaching and training will be provided to all employees involved in the pilot and later on to all employees. Also, the way of working will be changed. There will be a shift from the traditional way of working to the new way of working which emphasizes agility, flexibility, release on demand, accountability and responsibility.

Another important factor is the continuous improvement: Everyone will participate in the continuous reflection and process enhancement throughout our transformation journey.

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