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Back Protection and Rehabilitation Programme (BPRP)

Implementation year

Back Protection and Rehabilitation Programme (BPRP) is a dynamic and proactive solution to control and manage the commonest musculoskeletal disorders at the workplace, which is backache or low back pain. The main objective is to reduce the incidence and impact of back pain, prevent worsening of disability, reduce the disability period, and finally retain skilled workers affected in the workforce. It requires all three important parties – employer, worker and health services – to be working and communicating in unison backed by supportive policy agreed upon by both company and worker’s union. The core activities involve continuous awareness and education on safe-back hygiene practices as part of prevention module, early access to and intervention of rehabilitation services, and graduated return to work combined with active rehabilitation processes monitored by the management. This allow the employer to share the commitment of worker’s recuperation and maintain the employee’s motivation and skills at work during the rehabilitation period.

The BPRP is a collaborative effort between SOCSO and a major port management in Malaysia.

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