General Organization for Social Insurance
Saudi Arabia
Asia and Pacific

Strategy update for 2021–2023

Implementation year

The General Organization of Social Insurance (GOSI) of Saudi Arabia is a government entity with a matured strategic planning practice. It established its first strategy in 2010 and since then GOSI has worked on refreshing its strategy annually. Because of that, it has established a strategy and performance department to be responsible for its strategic planning and execution role. Since 2016, GOSI has relayed on its internal capabilities on performing the strategic planning and execution process, and invested on tools and dashboards to support these processes.

GOSI has worked hard to execute its strategy and achieved remarkable results at both national and international level. It was awarded with King Abdulaziz Quality Award (KAQA) in 2020, thanks to its excellent work in strategic planning.

In 2020, GOSI decided to update its strategy for the next three years in an effort to contribute to 2030 Vision of Saudi Arabia and meet customer aspiration.

Governance and administration