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Collaboration, innovation and data insight during a time of need - Delivering COVID-19 income protection assistance: The Fiji National Provident Fund story

Implementation year

The first case of COVID-19 in Fiji in March 2020 followed by the closing of its borders had widespread impact on the Fijian economy. The pandemic triggered one of the worst job crisis that Fiji has ever seen, bringing with it massive unemployment and pay reduction. Without a coherent national social security system and lack of government funds, government relied on Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) for assistance and as its reliable arm for cash distribution to affected workers.

Sadly, most of these workers are members of FNPF who have no means of income protection. In line with our mandate – Securing Your Future – the Fund is again at the forefront. In close collaboration with the Government of Fiji, the banking sector, service providers and employers, the Fund has rolled out four phases of income protection assistance to members as per prescribed schemes, supported by innovative digital solutions. Two of these phases were rolled over every 10 weeks.

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