Iranian Social Security Organization
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Asia and Pacific

On-site consultation with employers at newly established workplaces

Implementation year

Establishing a two-way relation between the Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO) and social partners, especially the employers, and responding appropriately to their requests and problems with the aim to improve their participation and level of satisfaction has always been one of the major missions of the ISSO’s Socio-Cultural Department. To achieve this, designing and implementing special programmes seems necessary. One of such programmes is the organization of tailored training and consultation to respond to the employers’ questions and problems. Therefore, the instructions for establishing on-site consultation centres at newly established workplaces and industrial companies are prepared in order to provide the employers and their representatives with information on ISSO management and branches and their detailed activities. The Socio-Cultural Department administers the programme in cooperation with contribution collection, provinces affairs, laws and regulations, education and research departments of the Organization and the employers’ unions.