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Loan payment to the retirees and pensioners - Upon the MoU between the Iranian Social Security Organization and Bank Refah Kargaran

Implementation year

In order to pay loans and facilities for the improvement in the livelihood of retirees and pensioners, the Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Bank Refah Kargaran.

After organizing several meetings, with the participation of different organizational and retirement council representatives since 2020, the recommendations were reviewed and the duties were adjusted; which led to preparing and adopting the payment procedure, finalizing the whole process after forwarding the payment conditions to the IT section, and obtaining the approval of the Legal Affairs and Regulations Department and the President of Retirees and Pensioners Higher Council. The milestone of this measure was the launch of online registration of the pensioners and retirees for applying for the said loans and facilities.

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