Iranian Social Security Organization
Iran, Islamic Republic of
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Financial support for the elderly receiving inpatient services

Implementation year

The increasing costs of the healthcare system inflicted by bringing in new technologies, the growing number of elderly population and chronic diseases, along with increasing demands for quality services on one hand, and the limited public resources available for the healthcare system on the other hand, have made optimization of healthcare system irresistible more than ever before.

Affording medical cost is a major concern for many individuals, as a considerable number of them fall into the trap of poverty as a result of an illness and the corresponding costs. Older people often experience lower incomes and higher expenses following retirement and its related issues.

To achieve the goals defined by the Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO) and to enhance financial justice, the project of financial support for people over 65 years of age was included in the agenda. It was decided that the co-payment for inpatient services in public hospitals would be paid by the organization and the elderly would receive totally free-of-charge services. This facilitated access to emergency, demanded services and improved the satisfaction of the insured.

Governance and administration
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